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Buy the book! There are two main options. Do you want a paperback copy or a download? If you want a paper copy,  the first edition "Yoghurt Weaving in a Nutshell" is available from Completely Novel. It's perfect for having a laugh on your way to work, or perhaps for wiping your arse with in the toilet.

If you live outside the UK, the second edition of the book, entitled "God doesn't talk to me when I wear my purple hat" is now available as a paperback .

Ebook: The ebook version of "God doesn't talk to me when I wear my purple hat" is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble in Kindle and Nook format, respectively.
Anyone who has ever produced books for these formats will tell you what a pain in the arse it is to make them. These companies being in direct competition with each other, they make writers format the book in completely contradictory ways.
Apple are even worse. I have also made the book available on the ibookstore, but since you can only access it using the itunes software, it's not easy to make a link for people to follow to get to where they can buy the book. If you want to get the book for your ipad you'll have to go to Itunes and search for it. And play it exclusively on your idevice, whilst driving your icar and drinking your itea. Well, that's the nature of corporate whoreism...wasn't Steve Jobs such an asset to our world.

Feedback I love getting feedback! Please leave comments/praise/hatemail/other if you have read the articles. Also, please write reviews of my book on the various websites where it is up for sale. You don't have to say anything really detailed if you can't be arsed, even just whether or not you like it. OK, I'll make it really easy. You should be able to find those buttons at the end of the articles that link to Facebook, Twitter etc. Just one click.

Receiving updates Alternatively, if you have a facebook account, you can "like" my page. There's a link to it here.  Also you can add me as a facebook friend. That's just one click too, and you'll get a message whenever this site gets updated. Also you could leave me feedback there. If you have a google blogger account you could "follow" this blog. Just to add to the tedious list of "Social Networking sites", I'm also on Myspace and Twitter. Both those last two sites are pretty crappy, but I joined in a pathetic attempt to drum up a few more readers.

If liking and following is too much, you could send me your email address to and I'll add you to my mailing list. Then you'll get a little news mail whenever I do quite a lot of writing. Currently these news mails are going out about once a year, so don't worry about getting flooded with spam.

Of course some of you may prefer the more traditional means. I have one fan who keeps up to date with the page using a psychic link. Every sunday she performs a ritual that allows her to connect with the spirits of the Broken Willows, who my forefathers were named after. Then, that night she dreams about this page and can read any new content.

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