28 December 2012


Posted here at request of Steve Magiclantern, this is an article from"God Doesn't Talk to me when I wear my purple hat".
Psytrance is a musical style that developed from techno in the early to mid 1990s. Early psytrance was often played at beach parties in Goa and Ibiza. Like techno, it usually consists of fast, danceable 4:4 beats, but is characterized by a higher preponderance of squelchy, wibbly noises that add more complicated layers to the music. It sometimes has other rhythm styles and sometimes is slower and easier to follow.

Here are two testimonials describing the amazing benefits of getting into psytrance.

“If you get into psytrance it really does change your life. You instantly become more cool for one, and if you play your cards right you can suddenly have new friends from all around the world. You can look down on other musical styles as being simplistic, and for less trendy people.
It makes you feel and hear music in a whole new way. You can meld in with the energy of it, feeling the pulsing rhythms course through your soul, healing you psychically and mentally and physically. “Normal” trance and techno will always seem flat and unexciting, the kind of thing that less evolved people listen to.
Dancing to psytrance will give your body healing and happiness unparalleled in other yoghurt weaving styles. Healing energy literally beams out of the speakers, targeting your every woe, ache and pain. Different artists' music creates different types of healing.
Of course the most important thing about listening to psytrance is the trances themselves. Assisted a little by some substances, the music stimulates a variety of trance states in your mind and helps you communicate with etheric spirits. Gods and demons literally walk around the dancefloor, weaving in and out of your consciousness at your choice. Other trancers communicate with you in equally paranormal ways. The frenzied dancing that the music stimulates also helps in production of a variety of alpha and theta wave brain states that allow the senses to expand and the consciousness to flow exotically around you in layered whirls of ethereal mindfulness that are whipped into beautiful displays of trancendental dancing.
When you get into psytrance you will join and become part of a truly global community, and suddenly will be whisking yourself off to parties all over the world. It is not a small town thing. It speaks from a global perspective, it truly is Gaia calling us all to dance and be beautiful together, to break down borders created by politics and develop a truly global community. All are welcome in this new world disorder. Come see for yourself, you beautiful people! Come feel the love of psytrance!”

“That party were fookin' shite. Full'o pompous rich kids wi' dreadlocks fookin' trippin' ther noots off. Acid an' 2CI an' that. Look down ther'noses at yer if ye've a can o'beer in y'hand. Thinkin'ther in anoother dimension or summat. Take the drugs away the'd al' be sittin'down watchin' Corry like th'rest of'us.
Shame tha', cos the music weren't ‘alf bad. Like at Samsara bu'bit more interestin', y'know. Be good ter listen to wi'some proper party'eds. The'say thez  a festival playin' this stuff soon, bu'i'ss in Portugal. Who da' fook's got money te go out there? Global Community, pah! For those tha'can afford it. An'ar' pompous enough. Fook tha'shite. I'm off t'a real party.”


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    1. John Broken WillowApril 08, 2017

      Quite a frightening tune! But very interesting!

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